This ain't no Provo town.

8/09/2013 The Lady 2 Comments

“If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.” -Northanger Abbey

I had nearly forgotten what life was like away from the BYU bubble of conservatism. I find that I often have to remind myself that not every man I see is eligible. In fact, I have yet to meet a single Latter-Day Saint male during my week here and am the only member among my cohort of graduate students. I could not be in a more opposite position than I was at dear old Brigham Young. 

I am among a close-knit group of English graduate students here, and among them is The Hipster. He is precisely as he seems. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be a secret member of Mumford & Sons or the like. He has the dark hair cut to be full on top, thick-rimmed glasses, plaid button-downs,tattoos on his forearms, and a simply scrumptious scruffy beard (a beard!). He has sat next to me quite often, and we have a wonderful time of it discussing our assignments and poking fun at others (a favorite pastime of mine I'm afraid). It's maddening how attractive he is, and yet I know that even if he found me equally attractive nothing should be done about it. Blast it all. Is the "flirt to convert" approach too shallow?

In another vein entirely, I'm afraid I may be rooming with two versions of Mary Bennet. They're both such sweet girls, but both roughly ten years older than myself. One of them hardly speaks above a whisper, and the other is quite attached to her cats. Though I barely know either of them, I feel a certain responsibility to them. The question is, how much of a responsibility do I have? 

I certainly hope my first Sunday in my new ward proves to be more fruitful. 

Con Amor,
The Lady

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Flirt to convert! Hipsters need the gospel too!

Alexandra said...

It doesn't rhyme, but try the "befriend to invite" approach instead. Like MaleMormonMind (who also commented on my blog even though I don't know who he is) said, everyone needs the Gospel, and you never know, you could also be the girl who converts someone else's future husband (or your own). Good luck in the new city. Also, I like the new blog format--it's much easier to read on screen!