A gentleman's imagination too can be very rapid.

4/04/2013 The Lady 5 Comments

I must admit to something. I have been keeping a secret from you, for fear of jinxing what might have been. Fret not, what might have been was over almost before it began. 

Almost minutes after I gave up on The Boy Next Door, someone else came into the picture. We became acquainted a couple months ago during ward prayer {imagine that} when we just happened to stand near each other, during which time we quietly mocked the guy who was giving a spiritual thought on dating {gag me}. And yes, I am one of those people who do not take ward prayer seriously. After ward prayer, this tall, witty man and I exchanged pleasantries and a few minutes of small talk. Alas, I was too caught up in my own failed attempts to charm The Boy Next Door into talking to me, that I hardly gave Ward Prayer Man another thought. 

Over the next several weeks, Ward Prayer Man and I somehow were consistently standing near each other, and we would barter in witty comments {generally at the expense of others, which is one of my less likable Emma Woodhouse-esque qualities}. Each week we would talk a little longer, but usually parted before long {so that I could foolishly gawk at The Boy Next Door}. 

Then Ward Prayer Man started asking me and my roommates over to watch movies and such {which began to happen quite frequently}, and we began to strike a friendship between Ward Prayer Man's apartment and our own. 

On St. Patrick's Day, Ward Prayer Man invited us over to his apartment for some good, clean Irish fun {is there such a thing?}. Ward Prayer Man and I chatted in the kitchen over mugs of rootbeer for most of the evening before we noticed that all of the other guests {including my roommates} had evacuated the apartment. 

"Well, now that I have you alone..." he said and moved in towards me. My smile instantly fell from my face, and must have transformed into a look of pure horror because he laughed and backed away. "I just wanted to see what you would do," he said. "I guess I will never actually try to kiss you because it is plain that your reaction would not be in my favor." I laughed half-heartedly and Ward Prayer Man slipped back into his easy manner and suggested a movie {obviously a favorite pastime}. 

We joked throughout the entirety of the movie but during an uncommonly long lull of silence, Ward Prayer Man cleared his throat nervously and asked, "I know that you looked pretty horrified back there in the kitchen, but I would actually like to hold your hand. Would that be okay with you?" I gave him my award-winning smile {guffaw} and said, "Yeah, I guess that would be alright." We held hands during the rest of the movie and as he walked me home to my apartment. 

Suffice it to say, I was thrilled. I didn't know that I would be {because I had hardly thought about him in a romantic way}, but I was. 

Jump forward a couple weeks of hand-holding and going out. 

Last night, Ward Prayer Man and I were out on a date, and though we had yet to "define" our relationship, according to most Provoians we were dating each other. Score. So far, I was quite content with how things were slowly moving along. No hassle,  no drama. 

As I was glancing over the menu in my hands, Ward Prayer Man said that he had had a dream about me the night before. He began to tell me about it and I listened intently. "Well, I was in the backyard of this house tossing a ball back and forth with this little boy who was my son. We were just having a great time when a woman came out of the house to call us in for dinner. I looked up and it was you, in an apron and everything." My first reaction was the laugh, but when he asked me how I felt about his dream, I wanted to run. I think I mumbled something about it being interesting, but in reality I was terrified. He was as serious as the plague. He truly thought that his dream was portending our future together. Now, I'm not one to make light of dreams, but that is just ridiculous. I cannot be dreamed into being someone's wife. And how dare I be apron-clad!  

Luckily, Ward Prayer Man did not take me to the temple for an elopement after our date, but I did have to tell him how I felt and unfortunately that was the end of that. 

Goodbye Ward Prayer Man.

C'est la vie,
The Lady

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Jessica said...

Good for you. What did he expect you to say? I'm not sure what makes some guys think they are entitled to receive revelation for the girls they are dating. That's just not how it works.

Anonymous said...

You might want to be more careful before you just write him off. He may not have been trying to say he was receiving revelation for you. Rather he was letting you know he was thinking about marriage being a possibility in the future. My Mom had a dream about my Dad that they would get married and that is how she knew it was right. So make sure you really don't think he would be a good husband before you use this as an excuse to break up with him.

Anonymous said...

Admittedly it was kind of creepy for him to tell you about that dream... but I agree with Anonymous #1 that you may have been a little too hard on him. You haven't given us all that many details, but it sounds like things had been going really well until you realized he wanted to get serious faster than you did. Are you honestly thinking that you would never marry him, or did he just scare you by moving too fast? If it's the first situation, by all means, end it. If it's the second, you may want to give him another chance.

P.S. That Mr. Collins picture is hilarious :)

Once my mom was on a date (probably a 2nd or 3rd date) when the guy said "Won't it be wonderful when we're Gods? I can wake up every morning and create a new flower, and YOU can create the scent."

My mother was terrified. Needless to say, she didn't go out with him again.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with some of the other comments. I'm sorry, but this guy doesn't deserve another chance until he learns how to move WAY more smoothly. Spouting off pseudo-revelation dreams about you two getting married and having kids after just starting dating? Not cool. And uncomfortable. Slooooowww down there, creeper.