Dream Dating

3/12/2013 The Lady 1 Comments

Once ward prayer had ended (two weeks ago), I gathered my courage about me (as one might gather up her skirts) and strategically placed myself in such a position as to easily catch The Boy Next Door in a casual conversation. And if you can believe it, it actually worked. The Boy Next Door and I chatted for a good half hour about movies and books and all such wonderful things. Then a miracle happened: he leaned close towards me (ward prayer is such a noisy affair) and asked me out. Huzzah!

On Friday night (clad in my most attractive outfit), The Boy Next Door and I went to the Museum of Art (which just so happens to be my favorite date activity) and I knew everything was meant to be. My only regret was that I hadn't talked to him months before. 

Then things took an unfortunate turn. While at the museum, The Boy Next Door--in an attempt to show off his prowess regarding art--had me follow him about the exhibit as he explained how he felt about every.single.piece. For two hours, I heard nothing but brush strokes and "seeing" the painting. I considered ramming myself into a wall on countless occasions. 

The door step scene could not come soon enough. Except there wasn't one. The Boy Next Door just sort of dropped me off at my door and said "See you later" as he walked towards his apartment. I had just enough time to let the embarrassment and audacity of it all sink in before I woke up. 

That's right. The date with The Boy Next Door was all a dream I had a week ago. But to me it wasn't just a dream. I have had several dreams like this, and somehow after I have them I know that a certain guy isn't for me and I can easily move on. I don't really know how to properly explain it. Revelation? Vision?

For example:

A couple years ago, I was infatuated with a certain military man--whom I have named The Sergeant--who happened to seem to feel just as similarly infatuated with yours truly. Everything seemed to be going just swimmingly until I had the dream. In the dream The Sergeant kept trying to hold my hand and every time he tried, it was just a mess of fingers (due to the fact that I had grown an extra finger). Then The Sergeant would try to kiss me and either my nieces or nephews would burst into the room or my mom would. When I woke up I knew that things would never work with The Sergeant, we weren't a good fit and things would just never come to be. And I was right. Shortly thereafter, The Sergeant pulled a Frank Churchill and married Miss Fairfax. 

The Sergeant is just one example my vicarious dream dating, but I have yet to have one of these dreams without them revealing to me something that I needed to know. So yes, I am one of those weirdos who believes in dreams. 

The dream I had about The Boy Next Door had a remarkable effect. The next time I saw him, I saw things I had been a little blind to during my infatuation: he wears moccasins to church (not classy) and kind of has a lazy eye . . . These things aren't exactly deal breakers, but it's nice to be free from any sort of crush once again. 

Dream dating may not be ideal, but it certainly works for me. 

Con Amor, 
The Lady

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Leslie said...

Wow, my dreams mostly just lead me astray -- I had crushes on guys for much longer than I would have were not my dreams of them so good. (I still think fondly of some of those dreams.)

Just once I've had a dream that portended future heartbreak, but I didn't listen.