Tinder Craze

4/15/2013 The Blue Stocking 9 Comments

This weekend I discoverd I was out of the loop on a new take on dating. Apparently the social site Tinder is all the rage and it's helping people find anyone from a fling to a soul mate.

Have you guys heard of this?

I guess you use your facebook profile to log in and then you look through pictures of guys in your area. If you like their photo and they like you in return you chat. It sounds a bit sketch, but hey what do I know.

But recently this site was connected to our own campus when some BYU guys decided to do a social experiment that was frankly hilarious. Please click this link and check it out.

I guess people could be disgusted that you're only picking that special person if you find them attractive. Honestly, this sounds like another Friday night at a party. I mean come on, we're naturally a very visual people especially when it comes to dating. Not that looks will get you married though. After the first meeting, you got to bring more than a pretty face to the table before I'm going to chow down (I really need to work on my metaphors).

But seriously, I just wanna know, has anyone done this? Does it work?

-The Bluestocking

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Anonymous said...

I had it for a few weeks, got multiple matches, and even chatted (and texted) a few. But it just seemed too strange. But it sure was fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I've gotten 3 dates from it so far! I put about 3 hours total in liking profiles, and probably 6 hours in bantering back and forth with my matches. This has been over the last 3 weeks. I'd say it's been invaluable to me and my confidence, since I hadn't gone out on a single date in the last 18 months.

I wish it was seen as more socially acceptable - every online review I've read about the app has included some variant of "it sounds a bit sketch". The guy in the experiment you included said he deleted his Tinder account because he'd rather meet somebody outside while playing volleyball. WHAT?! Seriously, how many new girls are you going to meet playing volleyball every day? 3-4 in an hour, if you're lucky? What is the percent chance they're going to be your type and have a nice personality, be looking for a relationship, and be interested in you, ect? Very very very slim. You might play every day for an ENTIRE SUMMER and MAYBE find a girl you like who's also interested in you.

In an average hour on Tinder I can meet 5 girls who I think are attractive, who are single, and who are interested in giving me a shot to show I have a good personality through chatting. And the number of profiles seems, to me, bottomless. I think we need to spread this thing man. Let's make setting up dates through Tinder a cool thing to do. Cause if it gets guys meeting girls, how can it be a bad thing?

BTW Bluestocking, if you do end up using Tinder, put the word "Bluestocking" in your profile so I can match with you. ;) I'm in Provo so it could happen.

What about those people without a smart phone? ...no tinder, no dates?



7julieh said...

THANK YOU Lady L. for bringing up the inevitable. Some of us (okay maybe just me) do not possess a smartphone and are therefore left out in the cold. Not that I would engage in the crazy social situation that Tinder is, but I do feel a bit left out. Frankly, my roommates and I found the situation that happened at Yogurt Land this weekend HILARIOUS. haha
Slightly Strange

Anonymous said...

I started using it because it is HILARIOUS (I was sketched out at first too- and seriously, people put the strangest pictures up- even if no dates result, you'll have some good laughs), but now I'm actually dating someone I met via Tinder? Embarrassing, but true.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1,

No offense but how old are you? Your comment just seemed a little immature to me. So what if you spend one whole summer looking for a girl and don't fine one. It's just one summer. Life is long and you have plenty of time to keep trying. In the meantime do something productive and character building with your time in addition to looking for a girl so you don't feel like you just wasted your time focusing only on that if you didn't end up being successful. In the end would it really be a waste of time to play volleyball all summer? At least you'd be getting out of the house and getting exercise, which is more than I can say for spending hours on an online dating site. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that guy used volleyball as just one example of something not online that he would be doing where he could actually meet a girl face to face in real life first, before entering the world of technology to communicate with her. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with using the internet or technology in general to meet people/communicate. Not at all (Though personally meeting people online is not my preferred method). If you don't mind meeting people online, go right ahead. I hope you are successful. What I'm saying that just because this option is available to us, it doesn't mean that we should lose hope in, or completely disregard meeting people without technology, as if just going up to someone and introducing yourself and talking to them face to face is just "old fashioned" or something. I mean really, have you seen WALLE? (WALLE is maybe an extreme example, but I think it makes my point anyway).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant that last long comment for Anonymous #2, not #1

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #4. I'm 23, and I've asked out plenty of girls face to face. Perhaps it's just my social anxiety or introvertedness, but the nervousness beforehand and the effects of rejection face to face, or the effects of girls leading me on through numerous hang-outs and weeks of flirting before telling me they aren't interested, just aren't worth it. That's been my experience through high school and 2 years after my mission.

I'm not saying playing volleyball is a bad idea for the exercise and to get outside: I love to play soccer, go hiking, and go out with friends! But as a way to meet girls and dredge through the complicated dating process?!?! It's ineffective, if the goal is to find your eternal companion.

It's an outdated, over-complex method that is inefficient. I think Tinder leaves a lot to be desired, but I believe it's a step towards the dating of the future. This blog we're reading is a testament to the fact the dating is too hard for some people, there needs to be progress in our dating methods.

We don't tell the bushmen of Africa to continue to walk to the watering hole to bring back the water to boil it on a campfire before drinking it because it's difficult and will give them life lessons and because it's the way it's always been done. There's a better way through wells, pipes, and water purification plants. We should help them to have better quality of life. If there's inefficiency in our methods of meeting our needs, we should seek a solution through technology. Whether it's water or dating, we should be looking for a better way.

Anonymous said...

With regards to men in the BYU/UVU area, Tinder only works for tall white guys. If you're Hispanic, Black, Asian, etc and you're not at least 5'10" then you're likely out of luck.