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4/20/2013 The Romantic 3 Comments

I think I learned virtually everything there is to know about Argentina while on my date with The Argentine this last week.

For example, there are more cows than humans in Argentina. Bet you didn't know that.

Also, there are pockets of little German speaking towns. 

But more than interesting facts about Argentina, my date with The Argentine was an educational experience for what I learned about myself.

Academically speaking, I have been trained to analyze everything. The context of a painting, the brush stroke, the title, the figures, the colors; it all means something. But the same can't be said of our lives and relationships. As I was talking with my room mate before the date about every little detail and every little thing that could possibly go wrong, she stopped me and said,

"You're analyzing the fun out of dating." 

When she put it that way, it seemed so simple and almost ludicrous that no one had ever mentioned it to me before (not to mention that I should've though of it myself).

So I went. And I had fun. And I felt like I was my old charming self again. I could flirt without over-thinking the eternal implications of every sideways glance and every casual touch.

I don't know if The Argentine will ask me out again. He was a little flabbergasted at my love for LOTR, and I was flabbergasted at his dislike for it. I think it will become a teasing point for our relationship.

Even so, I consider it a successful date. It's taken a few months (*cough* year), but I feel like I'm finally beginning to re-learn the complicated steps of the dance we call dating. And that is quite the accomplishment in my book.

-the Romantic 

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7julieh said...

I love this post! I thought you were describing my life when you said he was flabbergasted at your love for LOTR. I live and breath LOTR (and have never read Harry Potter) so I get many a strange look when I tell guys this!
Julie @ Beautiful is Different

Anonymous Girl said...

Yay Romantic! I loved this post. And I think it's fun you'll have a teasing point now. Fun friendships (and later connections) are built on that sort of thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Big LOTR fan of the books and a fan of the movies. (I have the red leather bound edition from the 1970's. So if they have only seen the movies there is hope for them should they read the books.

Just like Frodo, if you think of all that could go wrong, you would have never left the Shire and missed out going to the undying lands. Feel free to pull as many analogies out of the plot lines as fit with your dating experiences.

Mr. Bennett