What sort of mess have we gotten oursevles into this time?

11/05/2010 The Romantic 0 Comments

Remember how I went out with the boy I met on the freeway?

I guess I failed to mention that there was another car boy. A funnier/cuter one. Well after the first car boy added me on facebook, so did car boy 2, who happens to be car boy 1's room mate.

Well one thing leads to another, and Car Boy 2 and I end up going out for ice cream Tuesday night. And I felt like a bit of a floozy. Because I don't think car boy 1 knows we went out. Which wouldn't be a super big deal I guess. Except I think he had a good time on our date, and when he stopped by today to pick up the all sports pass I borrowed last weekend, he gave me a hug goodbye. And I don't think he's one of those hugger types. Originally, he raised his hand for a high five, but then just switched to both arms wide open... awkward awkward awkward

But I think I could like car boy 2!! It was the first date I've been on this semester where I haven't thought, "Oh hey this is fun. But I wish I was here with Sweater Guy". So that's good right? I think he had a good time. He mentioned wanting to hang out again. And we have texted a bit this week. I invited him to a bonfire tonight. But he's out of town this weekend.

On another note: We will title this "Coincidence or not?" (It's like getting two blog posts for the price of one!!!)
Sweater Guy's best friend emails me on Sunday to see how I'm doing. It was kind of random. But not completely out of character. We were close-ish. But since we're not in the same social group anymore, I haven't talked to him in over a month. I answer back with the usuals. I tell I still miss Sweater Guy but that I'm doing ok. And even dating people. And then mysteriously, the next morning, I awaken to three missed calls. All in a row. All from a blocked number.
1:05 am. 1:06. 1:07 am. No Messages.

Of course I didn't answer because I was asleep. My suspicion is that they were from Sweater Guy. And I don't know why he would call me, except that the next day was the Sufjan Stevens concert. Which we were supposed to attend together. And maybe he missed me... Later in the week he messages me on facebook. This message is just a link about lil wayne getting out of prison. Lil Wayne was a little inside joke we had when we first started dating. I don't know what he's up to these days. He could already be dating someone else. Which is whatever.

Are all these events connected? Or is it just my over active imagination?
But even if they weren't, I was still upset at his popping back into my life without any explanation. Last time we talked he hung up the phone on me because it's too painful to be my friend. Which kind of felt like someone ripping my heart from my chest and beating it with a mallet. So is he saying he's ready to be friends? Because I'm not really sure a) I want to be his friend and b) maybe it's still too painful for me too.

Well that's all folks. I need to go mull this mess over.... Have a pleasant date night!

-the Romantic

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