Traffic Jam

10/23/2010 The Romantic 0 Comments

A group of us were on our way to the great metropolis of Salt Lake City to see the Orchestra at Temple Square perform. I was excited. I curled my hair. Dressed up. And even wore my signature trench-coat scarf combo.

We piled in our friend's car, all five of us. We were ready to roll; up until we hit I-15 that is. 30 minutes after getting on the freeway, we still hadn't hit Pleasant Grove yet. But it was all good. We were just a group of friends, having fun, chatting it up, living our lives.

And then there was this other car. We could see that there were Cougars, just like us, painfully stuck in traffic on a Friday night. It soon became a little waving game. Each car would wave enthusiastically when we passed each other, like the long lost free way buddies we were.

And then they passed us once more, the back window of the driver's side rolled down. So naturally, me being on the passenger side, I rolled down my window too. We chatted. Found ou they were from Provo too. They looked like a friendly bunch (obviously). The traffic was beginning to speed up. I couldn't let the opportunity slip away while the fun was getting started.

So I held up my phone, and motioned to the guy I'd been "chatting" with that he should give me his number. And then he did!!!!! Holding up his fingers, he pantomimed his number while we went 60mph.

I was shocked at myself. I never do things like that. EVER.

The digits were saved in my phone under car boy.
"What next?" I asked my companions. "Text him!" was their reply.

So I did. Banter ensued....

And I'm pretty sure I'll have a date next week with car boy.

Just something to think about next time you're stuck in traffic. ;0)

-the Romantic

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