Sometimes Guys are Jerks

10/03/2010 The Romantic 0 Comments

Remember the story of the Dramatic One and the Skeleton?

He told her in text he didn't have feelings for her. Three years of emotions destroyed with one simple electronic message. The Dramatic One has pulled through remarkably well. And I am quite proud of her.

She's been there for me through the all of my break ups. I'm only happy to return the favor.

But on the other hand, sometimes guys can be sweet.

My conversations with the Virgin lately have been touching reports of her current blissful relationship status. Bravo dear sir!

A funny story to end the post:

In efforts to be more forward and flirtatious, I was trying to text this boy that he was a super cute guy. It fit in context of the conversation ok? It wasn't until the next day after receiving his confusing response that I realized I had forgotten a word... cute. So I just called him a super guy... (Insert forehead slap here). There is no way to fix that! Gah! I give up. He hasn't really texted me since. Our plans for gelatto seem to be put on hold indefinitely. I felt like a giant zit on the face of the BYU dating scene. My roomies insist that I am not. I will try to believe them and solider onward, hoping that one day, one man will find my Mary-like antics endearing and not ...weird.

-the Romantic

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