Elbows Touching

10/16/2010 The Romantic 5 Comments

It has become the joke amongst my friends and I that touching a man's elbow is the way to capture his attention. Whether or not that's really true, I've been practicing lately to see if it really works.

And I think that maybe it does.

So I haven't even really being putting the elbow grabbing method into practice, I've just been joking around with boys that I will grab their elbow when they do "attractive" things. Such as play the guitar at the ward talent show.

And then, all of a sudden Guitar Hero(he plays guitar quite well) pops on facebook chat all the time now. He comes over, wanting to hang out, and watch arrested development on his big screen.

The next thing I know, I come home at curfew, having watched 6 episodes of arrested development, sitting next to him (arms touching) on the big couch (with no one else sitting on the big couch), deeply confused. And analyzing everything to death.

Does that mean he's interested? I mean, you don't just sit on the big couch, right next to someone, arms touching, for six episodes of arrested development, if there's no interest right?!

It's times like these that make me feel like the Harvard Sailing Team understands the woman psyche way too well.

My favorite part was when I was dissecting this story with one of my friends in German class the next day, and my 80 year old Professor chimed in. (To be read with a German accent) "It does not matter if your arms were touching. It matter if your skin was touching. Were your arms bare?" Danke Herr Professor. I will keep that in mind from now one. I informed him that I was wearing three quarter length sleeves. Subsequently, there was no skin contact that night.
So here are my concerns:
1) It's my turn to invite him to do something now. But I'm not sure if I really want to or not. I'm still getting over Sweater Guy, truth be told. And I think that's ok, because we only officially broke up about a month and half ago.
2) So, let's say I am ready/interested in Guitar Hero. What if I'm just reading all the signs wrong? And then I do something too forward, and get my heart smashed into thousands of tiny little pieces?

I think the plan will be to just continue being friendly. And try not to freak out.

I can't wait for the day when I'm married, and I can look back at dating and just laugh.

-the Romantic

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I have been experiment with touch with the opposite sex as well. It truly does get people to either like you, avoid you, or just see you as a touchy person . . . yeah, now which one? Ha.

From my guys perspective, Guitar Hero is interested in you. I'm not trying to prompt anything, just saying what I can see :P

Camille said...

agreed on looking forward to looking back

Tabitha said...

I think he's interested. If he's popping over and chatting you up on facebook. PLUS... my husband thinks that if he's willing to share Arrested Development with you then he's interested. It's a scared show among devotees :)

Anonymous said...

just keep in mind that as wonderful as marriage will probably be, it won't always be a piece of cake either. (not trying to be a pessimist, just saying...). But I totally get what you mean, i feel like that sometimes too.

Allie said...

The piece with your 80 year old German Professor? Hilarious. Classic. Of course he would overhear and offer his age old German wisdom. I love it.