Ben the Bold II

12/14/2014 The Blue Stocking 0 Comments

 After Ben’s guest appearance at Wednesday night diner, I felt oddly hopefully for our next encounter. We planned a Holiday night which included making dinner at his place and decorating his Christmas tree. Friday night he pick me up so we could go grocery shopping. It was there I admitted the only food I shopped for was milk, cereal, and Oreos. I truly hope guys find my unhealthy habits endearing. After shopping, we went back to his apartment and met all of his roommates. 

 Now I need to say this before we go any further. Ben looked good. Like really good. I liken him to a lumberjack in his plaid and beard. I must confess there were moments where I just stared at him like some creepo who had never met a man before.

Ok now that his attractiveness has been established, back to the date.

In the beginning things were very promising. We teased and laughed as we made dinner, but as the hours ticked by I found myself struggling to come up with anything to say. In fact, I found myself having more in common with his roommates than him. Have you ever had that happen? I was even a little sad to see them retreat back to their rooms. Come back friends!

After four hours of dinning and decorating I believed we were done. But no, he suggested we make dessert, but only after we watched youtube videos for an hour. Nothing more fun than an hour devoted to watching a guy’s favorite video on clowns.

During dessert I was pulling out every cliché question to just get me through the night. Don’t get me wrong. He was a great guy, a fantastic guy, but together we were not so great. I believe he felt the same way. After 5 ½ hours, I finally made it back to my door step where he did not ask me out again. I think we both knew this wasn’t going anywhere BUT Grant doesn’t need to know that.  

-The Bluestocking

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