Ben the Bold

12/10/2014 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

 In November, after the sadness that was Grant and the return of all the exes, I needed a distraction. And that’s when Ben came into the mix. He was a set-up courtesy of a friend. Ben Facts: He has a glorious beard, he loves Russian lit, and he’s in med school.  

Heaven knows I needed a break from the Lawyers.

Initially things were awkward. How can they not be? A stranger comes to your house and ushers you into his car. You’re basically giving consent for kidnapping. I mean sure you’re not a kid and yeah they plan to return you. BUT what if they didn’t. Terrifying right.

Anyways, for the first couple of minutes we talked about the person who set us up and then we hit into the getting-to-know-you questions. As we muddled through our answers we somehow stumbled on something genuine. What we want from a relationship. Might as well get down to the point. He then confessed his favorite love stories were Beauty and the Beast as well as Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And I confessed to being terrified that all of his favorite fiction centered on guys kidnapping women in order to get married.

I mean he had after all kidnapped me…sort of.

After a lighthearted two hours he dropped me off at my doorstep, but before he left he asked me out for that Friday night. I’m not one for guys asking on the doorstep, but another date with that beard Ben was something I couldn’t turn down.  

Wednesday night rolled around which meant it was dinner with friends night. I sat next to Grant who, surprise surprise, was acting weird. I fidgeted with my phone, pretending someone somewhere was interested when a message from Ben popped up:

Ben: "It’s wed dinner with friends right? I wanted to see you so I thought I would swing by.”

Well ok then.

There has never been a more magnificent moment in the history of dating moments than when I sat next to Grant feeling utterly rejected and in came Ben in his bearded bold glory.

That night we separated ourselves from the group and one by one everyone left Ben and me to our flirtations. Hours later the restaurant booted us to the parking lot where we planned our next date.

Ben pulls off this this whole forward thing.  

-The Bluestocking

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Erin Day said...

Oooooh. I love it when they're bold. It's so refreshing and different from the sneak attack surprise date I've experienced so often when in Provo...