Merry Christmas from The Lady

12/25/2014 The Lady 0 Comments

Merry Christmas, dear readers. Doesn't this time of year make you want to be in love? Often I feel that I am too much in love with the notion of love. But at this time of year, I indulge that romantic, mushy, gag-inducing, corny, sort of desire for love. I keep watching movies like While You Were Sleeping (I watched that one twice this week) and I have been listening to my most sappy Christmas songs over and over again (my family loves it). There are many things I wish to tell you about my current circumstances (still single, no worries), but I want that to wait until I can gather my thoughts. Until then, please enjoy one of my favorite sappy Christmas songs.

Merry Christmas and happy loving if you have it, and happy hunting if you're still in the midst of looking as I am.

The Lady 

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