The Most Awkward Ask Out

2/16/2015 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

Few moments in my life have left me speechless. Most, if not all, deal with me being accosted with another’s feelings. I don’t do feelings. At least I don’t react to them the way one should. I need time to process, to mull it over, to come up with a response. This fact was no truer than this last Sunday.  

I sat alone after Sacrament gathering up my books when I felt the presence of someone on my left and I turned to find Drew, Henry’s best friend and my home teacher. Precious is possibly the best description for Drew. He isn’t as date savvy as most and he often comes to me for advice on the ways to woo.

Drew often wore a look of nervous anxiety, but today he looked like his knees may buckle at any moment. The sight of him made me believe someone somewhere had died a horrific death involving sharp objects and a long fall.

Before I could ask anything, the terror in his eyes built up and spilled out of his mouth, “Blue, I have to ask you something or I will regret it for the rest of my life.” I began to realize that whatever was coming next would create more awkwardness then I was emotionally able to combat.

“Blue, I have to at least try to date you or I will never forgive myself.”

He continued to look into my soul confessing feelings I never realized existed. It was intense. Too intense. I am certain when (if) the day comes a man decides to propose it will be less intense than this moment.  My reaction will go down in Bluestocking history as my least coherent moment.

Blue: “um…,”

6 seconds later.

Blue: “um…um…um.”

I’ve never felt so out of control as I did staring into the eyes of Drew as people passed around us. He could see this wasn’t going how he intended so he stood saying,“I want to take you out Friday and if I don’t hear from you before that I will understand,” and he was off.

That night I realized that I could not let this guy think that I was interested. I was past giving every guy a first date. Guys I don’t know, sure. Guys I know I’ll never like, no. And guys who confess their undying like for me, definitely not.

So I broke things off and Drew took it wellish. Though he did ask if I wanted him to get Grant to reassign him.  Yes Grant is the EQ Pres. I said absolutely not.

I feel like I kicked a puppy.

-The Bluestocking

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Good job, better to kick the puppy now rather than later.