To fret or not to fret?

4/12/2014 The Lady 1 Comments

Everything in my life turns into a big deal. Even the things that mean positively nothing. But the things that might possibly mean something are the absolute worst. Because it could either mean something or mean nothing at all, and I don't know which it is. And I hate not knowing. 

The thing of which I speak in particular revolves around The Counselor. Since our date several weeks ago, not much has happened. And yet some things have happened. 

After I returned from spring break, the single wards here were combined. I came in late (because I am always late for church) and found a place in the back. The Counselor saw me come in and moved from his place up front to sit by me. A small victory, but I'll take it! The next Sunday I went to his ward and he was blessing the sacrament. When he had fulfilled his priesthood duty, he came and sat by me again. And both Sundays he ditched Sunday School to keep talking with me. 

Apparently, the two of us sat suspiciously close on those Sundays because everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) has been asking if the two of us are dating. And my response is always, "" Which is as confusing to the listener as it is to myself. 

The thing is, I don't know if The Counselor even wants to take me on a second date let alone date me. What if he's just friendly and doesn't necessarily like me? When we're together in person it all makes so much sense, but then he doesn't make any moves and I'm just lost. 

But I'm taking a stand. This is my life, and I know what I want. I want to be pursued, like a proper lady. If he wants something to happen, he has to be the one to make it happen. Because I won't. I simply will not. 

The Lady 

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I love New Girl. I seriously doubt you'll die alone.