To Thine Own Self Be True: A Happy Ending

11/10/2013 The Blue Stocking 2 Comments

Dear Readers!

Happy Sunday, we received this email a while ago and I just had to post it. Stories like these make going to linger longer, FHE, and YSA parties all the more bearable. He/She's out there! 

-The Blue Stocking

To the Ladies of the Anti Austen Blog,

I'm sure you receive so many emails that you don't remember me. I asked for some dating advice in September of last year, and you answered my question in a blog post in the same month. I signed myself then as "Trying to Be My Own Fairy Godmother." Your answering blog post was titled "To Thine Own Self Be True." I'd like to share with you what has happened since then.

Only a few weeks after your answering blog post, I ran into someone I had met at a party a couple months previously. To make a long story short, this began a three month period of playing games. My parents heard about him, and recognized quite a few red flags. They were furious. I was praying for answers and sick of feeling played. I received an impression that I needed to spend some time with other guys and get some perspective.
There was a boy at work that had been my "unattainable crush." Around this time, I found out he was newly single. I decided to take the advice of Zack Oates and give him an opening to ask me out. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey, random question.
Him: Yes?
Me: Have you been to the new museum exhibit? I was thinking about going and wondered if you knew if it was any good.
Him: I would love to go with you!
Me: !!! Awkward mumbling, blushing, somehow set a time and escape.

So I accidentally asked the cute guy at work out. The only time I'd ever asked a boy out for a non-ladies choice event. I was ready to paint my name on a cone of shame and live there for the rest of forever. I asked my dad if he knew of any Mormon convents. He did not have any comforting advice. I thought about cancelling out of sheer embarrassment but went on the date anyway. He asked me out four days later, which happened to be Valentines Day. We were dating exclusively a week later. We are now engaged and getting married in September.

When I wrote into the Anti Austen blog, I was in a two year dating rut of crushing on unattainable men and not wanting to date the men who liked me. I was starting to think that my standards were unrealistic but didn't want to lower them. I'm marrying a man who is everything I've ever wanted and more and loves me to boot. 

As far as dating advice, I'm not sure what I did right, and no one really wants dating advice from engaged people anyway. I have been determinedly true to myself, but I've also done some things that were out of character (asking a guy out) and had to bend along the way. I didn't "never give up," but I never did find that Mormon convent.

Oh well. Like I said, no one wants dating advice from an engaged person. I just wanted to say thank you to Blue Stocking for the encouragement. That post was the reassurance I needed to keep being me.

And my fiance? I'm the first blonde he's ever dated.


A Grateful Reader 

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:) This is incredibly sweet.

Anonymous said...

So happy! Congrats to the now-newlyweds! :)