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Flirtationship: noun 1. not quite a relationship but more than just a friendship

Before you go on about how terribly clever I am, I did not make the word flirtationship up. I read it on the internet somewhere. But that's neither here nor there.

What is here and there is the flirtationships I seem to be in these days. Completely undefined and filled with all sorts of mixed signs (admittedly, on both sides), the non-relationships I'm in fill me both with glee and dread.

Let's begin with The Argentine:
The end of our last date found us on Center Street on a cold night a couple weeks ago. We walked along in the light rain, spooning at our shakes from dinner. Eventually we sat down on a bench. The day had been warm, so understandably, I didn't plan for cold weather. I sat there eating my shake, shivering in my long sleeve t-shirt and scarf. The Argentine finally turned to me and said, "Are you cold?"

This was it. This was the moment I'd been hoping for when we'd finally break the physical contact barrier. I nodded my head and answered with a, "Yeah, I'm super cold."

"Oh, well you can just huddle against this side of my body for warmth if you want."

(Insert face palm here)

You'd think after four dates and seeing each other at work EVERY DAY since October, we'd have broken the physical contact barrier by now. But no. What kind of Latin man is he anyway?!

I came home absolutely confused and a little ticked. There were so many other courses to take besides the, "Huddle against my body for warmth" course. Like maybe put your arm around me like a normal guy?! I had set that up so perfectly.* He told me he liked me about a month ago (that story is a whole other can of worms). I'm still debating about whether or not that "I like you" was meant in a romantic way, or just in a "I like you as a human being" type of way.

He did call me the next day, just to "check up"(his words) and see how I was doing. Which did make me really happy.

But then nothing. And it's been two weeks. We see each other at work. Flirt, but only sometimes. And that's it.

Enough with my "here" flirtationship, now it's time for my "there" flirtationship.

Please enter Mr. Lee (a.k.a. my Korean sugar daddy). Mr. Lee is an unmarried member from one of my wards in Korea. He is pretty funny. And he graduated from BYU-H, so his English is practically perfect. But here's the catch: HE WAS BORN THE SAME YEAR MY FATHER GRADUATED FROM HIGHSCHOOL. That would be 1976 folks. And just to re-cap, I was born in 1989. So that's quite an age difference. I could tell he was starting to like me last fall, but I've been ignoring it for months now. Even so, he's still one of my favorite people from Korea. So I can't help but be my friendly self whenever we talk on skype. Don't worry, he's knows I'm dating people. I'm not leading him on. We're just in a flirtationship I guess...

Dating is so complicated....

Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure(or horror story) in the Romantic's dating life: The Return of the Creepy Hometeacher

-the Romantic


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Blast. Men make no sense.

Guess Who said...

Yes. All men are stupid.

Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog dead?

Anonymous said...

When he told you he liked you, did you tell him you like him too? With Latin men, they don't consider a girl to be their girlfriend until after a DTR happens. There's no such thing as "we're kinda dating" or "idk if we're dating" with Latin men (or Latin women for that matter). If you didn't tell him explicitly that you like him, then I'm not surprised that he didn't try to break the physical barrier. Women are already complicated for men, white women are even more complicated for Latin men. Of course, we still try to pursue white girls at BYU when we get the chance because quite frankly the cute ones are absolutely gorgeous haha but I digress. Anyway, though Latin men are stereotypically seen as "more physical/passionate", it's simply a stereotype and it varies between guys. Plus, those of us who have been in Provo for years know that white girls (especially BYU white girls) stereotypically aren't as physical and some of them tend to freak out easily. Many of them aren't used to dating guys of different ethnicities, so that creates a setback. Add to the fact the traditional fear of RM's that move quickly and that results in a girl that a Latin guy feels that he should be careful around. Anyways, just my two cents. I hope that helps you get a better idea of how Latin guys work, coming from a Latin guy personally.

Anonymous said...

I'll answer your last point with your ALLCAPS. I had a date where a girl was cold and shivered like that. I put my arm around her. She looked at me and said "don't put your arm around me." Then the date was weird. I cut it short and took her home. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!