The Love Story that Wasn't

5/18/2013 The Romantic 2 Comments

Several weeks ago, an Elder from my mission returned home. We had been friends on the mission, but not close by any means. Several chats on facebook were followed by a long Skype session. And that's when the texting began. Along with the texting came the invitation to come visit him several states away, with an airplane ticket paid for by him.

It was all very sudden and a little alarming. Much discussion among myself and my roommates yielded the conclusion that he was probably more interested in the idea of me rather than me. Even so, I was contemplating going to see him. I had made it clear that we still didn't know each other and I was interested in just being friends for now.

And so I was faced with this awful moral dilemma. If I went to visit him, using a plane ticket he had bought me, would that mean I had to date him? According to one of my guy friends, it would be ok to go visit him without the expectation of dating because I was operating under terms of "equal information." (He's an econ major) While the subject of me coming to visit didn't come up again, the texting continued.

And continued.

And continued.

It all felt a little high school to me.  So I told him he should call me sometime instead of just texting.

And suddenly just like that, the texting stopped. But there were no calls to compensate for the lack of any sort of communication at all.

I won't bore you with the lame excuses that he offered when I finally asked him what was up. Suffice it to say, that love story ended before it even started.

But there is hope readers, I think the Argentine and I are "dating." Not exclusively or anything. We haven't held hands, or cuddled or anything like that. He just keeps asking me out, so I keep saying yes. It's no pressure. And it's moving slowly. Both factors I really appreciate.

Maybe I will have a summer romance yet.

-the Romantic

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Ya, you should definitely realize that some guys go through a very awkward and discombobulating dating phase right when they get home. Unless you're willing to jump on every strange whim they have, you probably would be best served by just waiting at least 3 months after the missionary comes home to date. Just using my own experiences as evidence for this, but everyone is difference.

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me.

A lot of times a guy will get my number but never call.