When good dates go bad...

1/09/2011 The Romantic 1 Comments

I jinxed it.

Well, I suppose that's a little harsh. This was no date with Ping. Hopefully I'll never experience a date more tortuous than that. And there were some really good moments. But sadly, they were offset by the awkward moments experienced.

So the plan was to have a group date with Mr. Bale's(my date was a Christian Bale look alike, if you squint, and see him in a certain light) room mates. Ok, great! I'm all for dinner and a movie. I love both activities. So we drive to his room mate's apartment to carpool. Much to my surprise, it was just his room mate in the car. Ok, so the roomie's date probably lives in Provo right? Nope... We drove 45 minutes to the boondocks of West Valley, to pick her up. It felt like some weird Polyandry date. Not something that I would recommend to anyone else (cough cough male readers). Of course I understand that economic times are tough, but there was another couple on our date, and I just wonder why we didn't car pool with them.

Then we drove another 20 minutes to the movie theater in West Jordan. Bought tickets for a later showing of Tangled, and then went to dinner. Which was also nice. But I just felt slightly out of place because the other couples were established couples, you know, holding hands, touching thighs, arms around each other, and other things like that. Don't get me wrong, they were all incredibly nice. But I felt out of place. They all knew each other. And it's clear they have their "group" that they commonly all hang with and I had only met my date hours before. Later during dinner, my poor date's throat was swelling shut for some reason... I'm not really sure, asthma maybe. But I could tell he was a little embarrassed.

After dinner was the movie. Which was adorable just as an aside. But someone had really bad gas. And I'd like to give my date the benefit of the doubt and say that it wasn't him. But then the putrid smell returned again in the car. Yikes...

We left the movies around 11:15, and didn't get back until 12:45. I was a little grumpy and disenchanted at that point. I think dates over 5 hours just drain me. Advice from the Romantic's little book of wisdom: Keep it short and sweet. It's better to end the date on a high note, and leave the girl wanting more rather than dragging it out and letting the magic die.

There were some good aspects of the date. He knows who the Format is! And you all know by now my love of indie music right?
But, (of course there's a but) there was no spark. The lack luster chemistry, coupled with the awkward moments turned me off a little bit.

Of course, after a good night's rest, and some reflection, I realize it wasn't all that bad. And I think I would like to give it another shot, if he asks me. But if he doesn't, I won't be heart broken.

-the Romantic

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Hahaha. Hilarious. Good advice, and good luck! (I still need to watch Tangled)