The Last Month was Spent with my Other Love

3/04/2015 The Charmer 0 Comments

You haven't heard much from me lately because I haven't been thinking much about dating/romance/love; rather, I've been 100% focused on one of my other loves....TRAVELLING!

China has this lovely holiday called "Spring Festival" which kind of encapsulates both the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. Basically, it means I got a month-long holiday for really no reason at all. Fabulous, right?

So, I've spent the last 4 weeks having the time of my life visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and then a few of the more famous cities in China (Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai). Ironically enough, I actually made this long and invigorating trek around Asia with Mr. Director's cousins who just happen to live in my branch in China [the Mormon world is a small one].

As a result, I have lots of incredible stories about smashing coconuts as part of a huge Hindu festival in Malaysia, seeing a Muslim wedding, feeding a baby tiger, getting Elsa and Anna to dance with me at Disneyland Hong Kong, living solely off of $1 fruit smoothies in Thailand, interviewing for a TV show host job in Beijing, and eating more than enough (but never enough) Indian food....but I suppose this blog isn't necessarily the place for my travel log.

So, because I haven't thought up or penned anything witty or adviceable about relationships lately, I invite you to check out two fantastic blog posts that I happened to stumble upon this week. The first one is by Zack Oates. I've been an avid reader of his for a while now and this post is golden. Reading it helped lessen that exorbitant fear of marriage that I carry around.

The second is from the blog Whatsoever is Good, which I've only recently discovered and have also begun avidly following. I think I liked this post because I've been on both sides of the 5 things mentioned. I spent years in college trying to "always look good" and present "Better Fake Me" rather than just be my already charming enough self. But now I'm in a relationship where I usually do look pretty busted (aka "gross) whenever Ammon sees me because we have to Skype at weird times of the day. Our conversations ARE full of honest speaking our mind moments. And I probably even seem needy because I send him messages on wechat whenever he pops into my mind, which frequently occurs at 3:30 AM his time. And the lovely part is that I don't ever feel like I have to apologize for any of that.

So, my lovely readers, make some new blogger friends and check out their words of wisdom. And, if you get a chance, take a trip to Malaysia and make sure to spend a few days on the island of Penang.

the charmer

PS- Feel free to add the word "adviceable" to your dictionary. Shakespeare made up words too, you know.

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