Leave the younger men to the younger ladies.

4/02/2015 The Lady 0 Comments

Fret not ladies and gentlemen, for I have not forsaken you. I have had the best of intentions to be a consistent blogger this year, but good intentions be damned. Good intentions never lead to anything productive except for half-hearted apologies, so I will spare you the agony of both sorry explanation and apology. 

Yes, in 2014 The Younger Man and I decided a relationship between us would be impossible. Long distance and all that jazz. We had a teary-eyed goodbye before Christmas break and he kissed me square on the mouth in front of The Counselor...I regret nothing. We meant to spend New Year's together, but an unforeseeable snow made that impossible. Weeks later however, The Younger Man and I had another romantic rendezvous, during which time he promised I would hear from him often. Given the fact that we were basically calling and texting daily, I had no doubt such a thing would in fact happen. 

The new semester began and then radio silence...

I was perturbed but not distraught, and for Valentine's Day I was determined not to spend the weekend alone with my parents, so I packed my bags and headed to the Big City to be with my friends/former roommates. Naturally, there was an institute activity to attend for all poor Young Single Adults who are efficiently labeled "single." My friends and I got all gussied up, and The Younger Man's sister mentioned that her brother would be there. "Oh really?" I asked nonchalantly as I smeared on a layer of red lipstick. 

The activity was as average as most YSA activities are, and The Younger Man and I flirted overtly. It was not until the activity was coming to a close that I noticed a little blonde thing hanging about The Younger Man and his sister. I had merely dismissed her as a random, shy friend until The Younger Man made it a point to introduce her to me and then left the activity with her on his arm. 


Let it be known that occasional make-outs and flirtatious texting with hormonal young men do not a strong relationship make. But you probably already knew that. 

Con Amor, 
The Lady

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