A Goodbye from an old Friend

1/30/2014 The Romantic 3 Comments

Hello dearest readers,

I know my absence has thrown you into the deepest pits of misery and woe. "Where has the Romantic gone?" your heart cried. "Why does she not grace us with her presence?" "Is she married? Engaged? What has become of our dearest heroine?"

I hate to inform you that my life has been rather dull of late. I graduated from good ole' "Breed 'Em Young" University as I like to term it. And my life has been full of nothing but Korean soap operas and period BBC dramas ever since.

My life last semester produced no romantic intrigues to the disappointment of not only myself, but to many of my family members; whom fear above all else that I will never marry. Ah, but such is the life of a 24 year old college graduate.

It seemed that every time I tried to engaged any boy in any sort of social activity, he stood me up. I'm not speaking in terms of dates either. I'm talking about good old fashioned friendship. You know, the thing that used to exist before applications like twitter and tinder. I would invite them over, to "hang" as it were (actually as it weren't, it was usually for a home cooked meal. I became quite domesticated this last year you see), they would acquiesce, and then never show up.

You can imagine my broken heart.

And so, I took to concentrating on my career. And by my career, I mean my internship. I wish I could tell you what it was, dear readers. But I suppose you'll have to take me at my word that it was very prestigious and written about in several newspapers.

But I digress.

The point is, I've grown quite tired of it all. You know what I mean, from the dating game as it were: failing at flirting, desperately trying to date, becoming bitter. My attempt to participate at one YSA activity since being home left me a bit in the doldrums.

So I'm giving it up for an exciting new adventure. I'm going to a place half-way around the world to a place where singles wards do not exist.

South Korea! I've taken an engagement of a different sort; to become an English teacher. Yes, yes, I still have plans to become a professor further down the line. But, being single, unmarried, AND graduated has provided me a wealth of opportunities to do, well, whatever I damn well please (excuse my French).

So while I'm sure my life will be nothing like a Jane Austen novel in the slightest, and without a friend in the city I'll be living in, I'll have much more time to grace you with my presence. Aren't you so excited dear readers? Won't this be delightful?

-the Romantic

Here's hoping to have ssome sort of romantic adventure! 

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Ashley said...

Don't give up! I know an awesome, Mormon SINGLE guy going to south korea to teach english soon too. I can't say his name, but just look for a talk guy with curly hair. and if it works out, don't forget to include me in your will one day!

Ashley said...

ps I'm a single, 24 year old college grad too- not some married person trying to make you as happy as I am haha

Amber said...

As a single, 23 year old, Mormon, BYU graduate teaching English in South Korea, I have to say the dating front is quite grim, but living and teaching here is totally worth it. You may not find your Darcy (or Lee Min Ho), but you'll find a whole lot more. :)