A Date 6 Months in the Making

1/13/2014 The Blue Stocking 2 Comments

The only time I truly dread Fridays is when they've been turned into high pressure date nights. I usually end up getting a small amount of sleep the night before and spend the whole day panicking while my friends send me “don’t jump” messages.

But Friday with Smitie came sooner than I expected and the pre-date movie night (aka the night I spent with The Cousin) had me feeling less on edge. He picked me up for dinner and a show. My usual route to making a guy not like me is to flip the switch to nerdy Blue and let my freak flag wave, but I was walking a fine line. While I wanted Smitie to find me resistible I didn’t want him reporting back to The Cousin that I was loony tunes.  

Also he cleared up the whole 6 months of cold shoulder, apparently he thought I was dating someone in the ward. I have to admit there is another guy that I haven't mentioned and I can see why he thought something may be going on. I'll get to more of that later. So I guess he was kinda off the hook, buuut that didn't mean I was ready to swoon anytime soon, if ever. 

After dinner we were driving to a show when we started talking about our passions. I’m going to let you in on one of my pet peeves. People who claim to love love love something and end up knowing little to nothing about it. Don’t tell me you are obsessed with Shakespeare after only reading Romeo and Juliet in high school, don’t tell me country music is all you listen to than blink in confusion when I mention Garth Brooks, and do not tell me Jane Austen is your favorite person after only watching Pride and Prejudice.

I get that I take my obsessions to an unhealthy level, but I want the guy I like to at least have the decency to be knee deep in crazy town over some odd fixation.

Phew, ok let’s get back on track. We got to the show and I could tell he was trying to start something. There was a whole lot of nudging, knee touching, and flirty eyes, but my body language suggested a complete lock down. He’s attractive and everything, but that only goes so far.

I’m not even going to tell you about the door scene because I’m still trying to scrap it out of my memory. I don’t know if he’ll ask me out again, but I do know I need to make something happen with the Cousin. Any ideas?

-The Bluestocking

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Haley Dennis said...

Every time I heard "The Cousin" I think you're talking about YOUR cousin! Like you're trying to initiate some kind of Arrested Development scheme... haha

The Bluestocking said...

Ew haha. I need to come up with a new name for him ASAP.