Nothing is so unattractive as an insecure man.

7/17/2013 The Lady 2 Comments

Things with Awkward Tinder Man got worse before they could get better. His attempts to call became more persistent, and my excuses for not answering began to be more elaborate. "Sorry I've been helping my mom with work around the house." "I was asleep." And my personal favorite, "Well, even if I had answered I probably wouldn't have understood most of your jokes because I am sort of hard of hearing." To which he replied, "Oh, I'm mom had a brain disease..." What the?! First of all, please get the hint. Second, I am truly sorry about your mom. Third, how is that related?

Finally, after a week or more of being unfailingly "unsociable and taciturn" did Awkward Tinder Man ask me if I wanted him to stop texting me. It was all I could do to not quickly reply, "Yes, PLEASE!" I let him down easily and now [hallelujah!] I have not heard from him in several days. Why is it harder to be honest with guys you are not interested in at all than it is to break up with guys that you actually had been interested in? And how do all the emotionally and psychologically traumatized men find me? I feel as though I am causing severe damage every time I have to tell them I'm not interested. I need to "get thee [myself] to a nunnery!"

Oh, and by the way, thank you, readers, for reminding me that I needed to wrap up the story of the "original" Tinder Man. Shortly before I jumped the country, I made the mistake [was it really a mistake?] of telling Tinder Man that I was slightly disappointed that I had met him only a few short days before I left Provo for good because I had enjoyed getting to know him. Then he sent me a text about how we had moved too quickly and that I should go on with my life and "make it a good one". I actually had to scroll back in our text conversation to make sure that I hadn't accidentally proposed marriage before he sent me this text. Nope. Was what I said sincerely that forward? Needless to say, that put a quick end to things, and that was the short stint of the Tinder Man.

Con Amor,
The Lady

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Anonymous said...

What the?! What is with these Tinder men?! I am glad you deleted it. That whole getting to a nunnery sounds great. See ya there!

Anonymous said...

This article is super relevant to BYU dating life (or maybe one's lack of one?):

I especially like the part about the Rapunzel syndrome. Super helpful, maybe someone could post something about it?