The Blind Dating the Blind

3/19/2013 The Romantic 2 Comments

Here are some reasons why I'm probably never getting married:

-sometimes I eat tortillas for dinner, and ONLY tortillas

-my face still turns bright red whenever I talk to a cute boy

-i added a Women Studies minor this semester, which hasn't really changed my opinions all that much...i'm just much more vocal about things than i used to be... i think it really freaks boys out

-Hanger (anger due to hunger) has increasingly played a larger role in my interactions with people... that's not good in general, let alone with the opposite sex

I could go on and on with this list. Suffice it to say, my dating life is going no where fast these days. I tried to set up a little movie night with some guys in my ward. I agonized for at least five minutes writing a facebook message to The Roommate. Two days later, no response. And we had just talked about hanging out on Sunday... But whatever, I'm not taking it personal (just in case you didn't get it, this is me taking it personal).

There was a time in my life when I went on multiple dates in a day. But in the year I've been home from my mission, I've been on two. TWO. Twooooo! Two dates in an entire year.

That's pathetic. 

As if I wasn't already bordering the territories of panic and desperation, I now have to deal with my family's concern for my social welfare. My cousin has been trying to set me up for months. The boy she's been trying to set me up with finally called last week.

He sounded petrified to be calling me. And also about 12 years old. Am I that scary?

I'm actually totally cool with blind dates, and they're normally pretty fun. But someone please just set me up with a MAN that's not afraid to take charge and just take a woman out for a good time. (Here is where the other half of my split personality is yelling, "PREACH IT SISTER!")

But, because of the whole two dates thing, I can't be one to turn up my nose when offer is made. However, I had to turn the poor fellow down last weekend because of a birthday party on Friday night, and then I have previous engagements every Saturday night until I graduate in a very lovely place where everyone wears white clothes (read, I got called to be a temple worker).

So I guess there's not really time for me to be dating anyway. It would be nice just to be asked once in a while though.

The Blind Boy is supposed to call again this week to set something up. Buuuut my mother is coming into town. So that pretty much rules out the whole weekend.... my bad. Maybe the blind can date the blind sometime soon.

But what about you readers? What do you think of blind dates?

-the Romantic

ps. speaking of blind, this is the korean drama i'm vicariously living through right now. it's about a blind girl that thinks her estranged brother has come back to find her. the guy is really a con man trying to get the blind girl's money. and then they start falling in love... if you can get past the weird freudian undertones, it's pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Hanger could be my middle name.

Kelly said...

I met my husband through a blind date, so I'm all for them!