A Triangle of Sorts

9/24/2010 The Romantic 0 Comments

I suppose I should have given more background to the Yom Kippur date.

On my study abroad, I met one of my now dearest friends. We will call her The Dramatic One. Her life is very dramatic. Mostly in a good, distracting, exciting way. The Dramatic One has been IN LOVE with this boy for about three years now. We will call him Skeleton (because I think he kind of looks like one).

We've always wondered what the Skeleton's intentions towards the Dramatic One were. But after a letter fall out just before he came home from his mission, we all figured love would never flourish between the two, unless it was the platonic kind.

Now, enter in new school year. I spend basically all of my time with the Dramatic One. It helps me to take my mind off of Sweater Guy (more to come on that later). In the process, I meet Skeleton and all of his room mates. I absolutely adore them all. They are the perfect guys. PEEEEERRRRRFECT. I would marry them. Individually, and as a whole...Yeah. But the two I really like are in that pre-relationship stage. (BOO!) So, that leaves us with Skeleton who is best friends with my best friend the Dramatic One. Are you still following dear reader?

So Skeleton is texting the Dramatic One. He asks her which of her friend she should ask out. She tells him to ask me because I just broke it off with my boyfriend and I need to be around a really good guy. Hence the Yom Kippur fireside!

It was an ok date. Short and sweet. He topped it off by giving me a mixed cd at the end of the night with some of my favorite bands:
Vampire Weekend
Belle and Sebastian
The Decemberists
Animal Collective
Great way to win my heart right?
So here's the deal. The Dramatic One swears she's ok with the date because she really doesn't think anything will happen between them. So I go. But I'm confused. Because the more I interact with the two, the more I think he really does like her. He has the look. You all know the look right? The look a guy gives a girl when he thinks she's the most amazing person he's ever met. They text allllll the time. When hanging out in a group, his attention is mostly directed at her. That sort of thing.

He told her he thought I hated the date and that saying good bye to me was awkward because my complex is so busy.... Well, here are my thoughts: Something maybe could happen with the Skeleton, but maybe I'm not really ready to date anyone. Even if they do send me hilarious texts wishing me a happy autumnal equinox. Also, I'm not really that interested. And I want to somehow hook it up between Skeleton and the Dramatic One.

I feel like I'm in the middle of a love triangle. Only I'm not really in love with anyone. Skeleton just hasn't realized he's in love yet. And the Dramatic One will never confess her feelings.

What a conundrum.

but about Sweater Guy... did I mention we said goodbye forever? Well, we tried to. Or I tried to. I deleted him from everything. Phone, facebook, the whole deal. It was just better for me that way.
He called on my birthday. He has a present for me. Gah. He still hasn't given it to me yet. We shall see how it goes...

-the Romantic

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