Staking one's claim.

9/06/2010 The Romantic 0 Comments

My biggest pet peeve of BYU ladies, is their tendency at the beginning of the semester to scope out their the prospects, and then stake their claim.

Like the gold rush days of old, the ladies swoop in like miners, looking for promising criteria. Is he cute? check. engineering major? pre-med? pre-law? check. served his mission somewhere exotic? check.
their future down to the names of their children is planned out in mere minutes. very quickly, sunday evening socials are put into place. invitations are very exclusive. there has to be the perfect balance of males and females. but none of the prospects can meet; for fear of closing herself off to any of them.
i guess i can't be too bothered by this. every girl at BYU does it. however, there is a lovely girl in my ward who always stakes out five different claims. She is on the man prowl. Like a fierce lioness stalking her prey, she has cleverly laid several traps to capture the unsuspecting men in her pearly white chompers. and the weirdest thing is... it works! she had three dates this last week. it's only the first week of school.


-the Romantic

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