"It is not meet for Man to be alone... "

5/17/2010 The Romantic 1 Comments

Most of us dread high council Sunday as it is, but when the topic is dating and marriage, I found myself wanting to bolt for the door!

The guy from our ward spoke wasn't too bad. He made the usual, "I think the bishop gave me this topic because he wants everyone to know I'm single" jokes. (ha... ha...) But I couldn't take him seriously. Why? It's not that he's a bad guy. Or that the talk didn't keep the audience captivated. It was the fact that I think he might be a vampire.

Ok. I know he's not a vampire. But when my roomies were giving me the skinny on everyone in the ward, one of them said she doesn't trust him because he has shifty vampire eyes. Meaning, sometimes his irises are all black, and we think he might thirst for our blood. (Sound familiar?)

So when he took to the pulpit, I just burst into a fit of giggles because he's a vampire! And who takes dating advice from vampires seriously these days. I'm sorry Cullen kid, but I think I'll be wearing turtle necks around you from now on.

Oh, and on a lesser note, I think I might be in love with my best guy friend... or deep like. * sigh* Advice?
-The Romantic

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First off, I love this blog. It is hilarious. Second, we have Vampires in our ward too. 3 of them, and they have so many "Meyer-vamp" traits it is almost silly. We need to compare notes.