A trip to the store

2/22/2010 bekah 0 Comments

There are some moments where my life is so completely the exact opposite of a jane austen novel, it's ridiculous. Case in point: today, where I ran into my ex at the grocery store. (insert gasps of shocked horror here)

Provo is just much much much too small at times. Why can't there be more than two grocery stores in this city??

I had a premonition that i would see him today. I almost never go shopping during the day. I'm too busy. And lo and behold, when I walked in, he was there! All I needed was quarters for laundry, and milk! I booked it as fast as I could to the milk at the back of the store, and the booked it to the next open register. But of course, the cashier didn't have any rolls of quarters. I had to take a ten dollar bill and exchange it at the service desk. And who was checking out at the register right next to the service desk??? Yes, you guessed it.

I saw him, but quickly pretended like I didn't. Of course, it was an old woman working the service counter and it seemed to take an eternity for her to notice I was there.

And then it happened just as she handed me the roll, "Were you gonna say hi?" he asks.

Um, no. I wasn't. I thought the text telling me you never wanted me to contact you again was a pretty big indicator that I shouldn't say hi if i were to see you.

We chatted. It was awkward! It ended with a bizarre handshake as I trudged my way home in the bitter cold of this forsaken state.

Good thing I'm dating someone new. And he is a non-hippie, who showers, and doesn't live with his mother...

It's a wonder I still hold out any hope for a Mr. Darcy to come save me in this poor provincial town....

Affectionately yours,
The Romantic

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