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It was my freshman year at BYU and I was still naive to many of the social "norms" of the campus.

Like the fact that studying in the periodicals section of the library meant you wanted to be hit on...

I was experimenting with different places in the library to find where I liked to study the most. I decided that I liked the periodical section because of the big windows. So that is where I started studying.

It was nearing midterms and I also had a paper to write, so I backed my bag and headed up to the library. I set myself down at an empty table in the periodical section and began studying. After I'd been there about an hour a boy came over and sat down at my table. Usually when someone sits at the same table as you, they sit in the chair diagonal to you. My new friend pulls out that chair, hesitates a second, puts his bag down, and then sits right across from me. I continued to study, not thinking too much about it. He pulled out one book and started studying. After about an hour he started looking around and not paying too much attention to his reading. Two hours after he'd sat down he says to me, "hey are you going to be here a while longer?" Yes... "Could you watch my stuff for a few minutes?" Sure...
He left, came back, didn't study very much, and sat there for another two hours. After I had been there for five hours, and him for four, I started to pack up my things. He looked up at me and said, "Are you leaving now?" Yes...
And he closed the same book he'd been 'studying' the past four hours and stood up. He walked out with me, starting some small talk. The normal questions were asked along with him commenting on how long I can study...haha. Little did he know when he walked in that he chose a girl who was going to sit there for four hours. If he had known that maybe he would have brought more than one book...

Then the question came, "Hey, I was wondering if you'd want to go on a date with me this weekend. My roommates and I have this date planned..." I thought it was only fair to warn him of my age so I responded with, "Yeah, sure. But just so you know, I am a freshman..."

I went on the date and it ended up being fun. I've seen this friend many times on campus since and we wave hello.

I now study in places other than periodicals. Unless I'm way desperate for a date that weekend...(the last sentence is meant to be read with sarcasm)

Peace out,
The Homemaker

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