A Little Lacking in the Chemistry Department

2/18/2010 bekah 0 Comments

As the romantic one in the group, I sometimes have picky taste when it comes to men. My Mr. Darcy should be tall dark and handsome. Probably an English major, with impeccable taste in clothing. And he should have gone somewhere really exotic on his mission, like Russia.

Enter Mr. Physics. He is about 115 pounds. Around my height. Wears coke bottle glasses. And studies physics. What could we possibly have in common? Absolutely nothing. Which is why it was quite the shock when he asked me out last summer.

Now, before I sound too judgmental, you must understand dear readers, that I really do give every guy a chance. But this guy didn't really seem to want one. So pay attention boys; his mistakes were unfortunately common ones.

First of all, we went to a movie. A movie on a first date is a bad idea for a few reasons. It's pricey. Not creative at all. And you can't talk and get to know your date. Mr. Physics tops it off by asking me what I think about movies as first dates as we are walking to the WILK. I was put in a little bit of an awkward position. How should I respond? "A movie as a first date is detestable!" No, that wouldn't be very nice. I shrugged it off with some neutral answer.

The actual date part in and of itself was fine. Nothing spectacular. We filled the non-movie moments with small talk about families and his mission(always the perfect topic when you have nothing to say. The guys will go off on this foooooreeeeeeevvvvvveeeerrrrrr). I was unsure of why he had asked me out in the first place though. Because he didn't seem to be asking any questions, or all that interested in what I had to say. Here's another tip boys: Don't ask a girl out you're not interested in spending time with just to fill the dating quota the bishop has given you. It makes her feel used.

The walk home was the worst. I'd run out of questions. And he'd run out of mission stories. Poor Mr. Physics never really had a chance, but I was making an effort! The topper was the door step scene. Because there wasn't one! Mr. Physics didn't even have the decency to walk me to my door. We just sort of went our separate ways at soon as we back to our apartment complex... Not exactly the Willoughby manners every girl hopes for (even if he was a bad boy, we all want one).

Later, I'm back in the ward. I'm sitting outside the bishop's office waiting for an interview. And as the ward clerk, he was there as well. He mentioned how he'd heard before our date that I'd said I would never date a science major. And that's why he hadn't really tried. Really Mr. Physics? Why would you say that A, and B, you totally proved my point about science majors.... Socially, their principles of buoyancy are a little off.

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