6/15/2010 The Romantic 1 Comments

It appears I'm stuck in the convoluted, ambiguous gray area that comes with "dating" someone, but not dating them exclusively.

Oh Sweater Guy, how you torture me!

Skipping all the boring details, I guess I should just say that we hung out friday night, had a great time palling around.

He said he wants to "court" me, but not have a girlfriend(and yes, those quotes mean he actually used that word). I know it sounds like he's reading me a line, but because of the complexities of the situation, I'm inclined to believe him. BUT I WANT TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND! baaaaaahhhh!!!! (don't read too much into that last sentence, or the following exclamation. I'm in a very dramatic state of mind this evening)

To make things even more complicated, I just got hired to to work EFY for four weeks.
Goodbye Sweater Guy....
The one consolation is that I won't feel guilty that my COWs will be the counselors anymore.

-the Romantic

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Cindy said...

EFY is so worth leaving Sweater Guy for four weeks. Seriously.