A Few Updates...

2/22/2016 The Charmer 0 Comments

First off, are you working on your submissions to be the next Anti-Austen? I sure hope so!

Update #1: I realized that I majorly goofed and put the wrong email address in the last post. If you tried to send a submission to me, resend it to my correct email address, xoxo.the.charmer [at] gmail.com. I just fixed it in the original post as well. You can also send them to byudates [at] gmail.com
Remember that the deadline is March 17! If we don't feel like we've found "the ones" by that point, we may extend the contest. But for now...just send 'em in.

Update #2: In sadder news, I leave China in 2 days! It's such a strange bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, I feel like the timing is right and that I'm supposed to head back to the States. On the other hand...I'm going to miss it here. I love all my students and the branch members and the everyday adventures. But I'm hoping for plenty more adventures when my feet hit US soil again.

Update #3: The teacher coming to replace me is actually a fellow Anti-Austen reader! You might remember that I advertised about the position on the blog. Well, one of you responded, applied, and got hired! I am actually on my way out the door right now to go to the airport and meet her. I'm quite glad to have another Austen-loving Mormon to replace me at the university. ;)

Well, that's all for now. Just wanted to let you know I love you all and we are looking forward to choosing the next Anti-Austens!

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