Mama's Boys and Tygers

6/20/2015 The Lady 1 Comments

I believe I went to the singles' branch in my area a grand total of thrice. The first time because my father forced me to go by actually driving me the hour to sacrament meeting. (I was being perfectly active in my home ward, but I think he was desperate for me to find some friends). 

In my limited experience, singles' branches and singles' wards are vastly different. Although singles' wards have their fair share of interesting single men, I believe singles' branches to be the breeding ground of said interesting creatures. Perhaps it is just the branch in my area, but it seemed to be an assembly of the offbeat. The men all seemed to be not yet socially mature, they laughed nervously around me when they introduced themselves, their general conversations were solely based on mission experiences or on the new Avengers film, and they all seemed to have oddly close relationships with their mothers. I wouldn't be surprised if each and everyone of them has one of those Stripling Warriors Mama's Boys t-shirts. Blech. Well there weren't just one or two of these sort as there are in your average singles' ward, but I would say 85% of the branch was like that. Which means that left about only three somewhat normal schmoes. 

One of these seemingly normal guys approached me on my first Sunday to introduce himself. He was good looking, fit, had a full head of hair, was obviously older than 19. Not bad. Not bad at all. But then he introduced himself as "Tyger." Tyger with a "y" like the William Blake poem. Because he is an English teacher. You know because English teachers do that sort of thing. I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I audibly guffawed. 

I didn't last long at the singles' branch. 

Con Amor, 
The Lady 

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Anonymous said...

He named himself Tyger? Weird.