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Two things:

A) Ammon and I are officially dating.
B) He is coming to visit me in December!

Yes, I have succumbed and become one of those people braving the whole long-distance relationship thing. It definitely wasn't ever something I thought I'd do. But here I am, with a boyfriend who lives 5,000 miles away from me.

To be honest, having the title doesn't really change a lot. After all, he's there and I'm here. But during our Skype talks, we'd always ask each other kind of off-handedly, "So...are we dating? Or what?" Eventually, we realized we might as well make it official since we're doing the same thing we would be anyways.

So, last week during one of our daily Skype chats, he asked me if I'd be his girlfriend. I, of course, said yes.

Even though nothing really changes as far as what we do, I think it does change things in my mind. It makes me more committal. Plus, I suppose it's nice to have a boyfriend. And it's especially nice that it's Ammon. :)

Like I mentioned, he's coming to visit at the end of December and I couldn't be more excited. Now before you get your hopes up and look forward to a shiny engagement ring, keep in mind that he's leaving on a mission early next year. Complicated, right? I know. I don't think I've ever had such an oddly complicated relationship, which is a pity because this is the first boy I've dated that I'm pretty sure I'd marry in a heartbeat. Ah well, I'm beginning to realize that this sort of thing might be the reality of life for The Charmer. We all experience different trials in life. Some people live in a 3rd world country. Others have a speech impediment or an evil twin sister. Apparently my trial is that I am doomed to have consistently complicated relationships, always wondering if I will ever find love and be married.

But hey, I'll take it. In comparison, my challenges in life really aren't that bad. For now I'm happy to be dating a fabulous guy and I'm excited to see what happens.

the charmer

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Keep us updated! I can't wait to hear more.

Emily said...

That's exciting!