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9/06/2013 The Lady 5 Comments

“From pride, ignorance, or fashion, our foes are almost as many as our readers.” -Northanger Abbey

I had been determined to avoid posting until I had something at least relatively juicy to offer your feasting lips, but I must admit that what we are dealing with are the bare bones. My fixedness on this point derives from the following experience:

Months ago, {while still at my lovely Brigham Young University}, I overheard two young, single women talking about Jane Austen. Of course their topic piqued by interest and I invited my ears into their conversation {eavesdropping can be a wonderful thing}. After discussing their favorite of dear Jane's novels, heroines, men, et cetera, one of them asked the other, "Have you ever heard of The Anti-Austen?" Attempting to disguise my look of pure giddiness as well as the fact that I was even listening, the one began to describe the blog {this blog!} to the other. The description was fair enough {girls who love Jane Austen talking about their dating experiences at BYU}, but what caught me off-guard was this girl's disclaimer:

"It's a good blog, but I wish that the girls who write it would stop complaining. We get that you're not having any luck with dating!"

My giddy mood turned instantly sour.

You, yourself, may ask, "What is the point of a dating blog if none of you are dating?" My rebuttal is that more often than not, the dating scene is about what we lack rather than what we have. We at The Anti-Austen experience bad dates {sometimes extremely bad dates}, we go on mediocre dates, we go on good dates, and sometimes we go on no dates at all. The very title of our blog denotes that we are lacking. The Anti-Austen. Lacking in that which is most loved about Jane Austen novels: the triumph of a heroine loved by her ideal male counterpart.

So I am sorry to say that I, at least, am here to stay. {Granted I can attempt to exclaim "Why me?!?!" less often...} Despite my lack of dating, or maybe because of my lack of dating. One never know how long this may last, I could be blogging until my crazy cat-lady days. However, I will be the Anti-Cat Lady because of my allergies. Perhaps I will garden excessively.

Con Amor,
The Lady

P.S. There are at least two men I have my eye on currently. One of them is a graduate student in history {I've learned this tidbit through talk about the institute, not through actual person to person communication}. The other I call "The Girth" in my mind because he sat in front of me at church and in my institute class and I could not see the teacher for the extraordinary girth of his shoulders. Be still my beating heart.

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Anonymous said...

May I just say, I love your descriptions! "The Girth." Awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to one bad review, I love this blog! I love being able to relate to the woes of dating through each of you. Plus you all do it in a super funny and witty way. No one can tell me that there are girls that do not complain about the woes of dating...same with boys. That's part of dating. PS We need a trampoline...

Perpetually Single said...

Maybe those girls just like reading when there is dating excitement. Obviously we all get tired of being single and reading about others being single isn't always fun either. We get excited for you when you have news in the dating world and it's generally more interesting to read. I hope that makes sense. I still like to read anyway.

Minh Nguyen said...

Don't let it get to you. There are always negative people no matter what you do.

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