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It happened so quickly. So very quickly; I hardly knew how to evade the situation...

My social life while at home has been a little dim since my best friends here are either married (typical) or on missions (of course). I haven't been to the singles ward here in years, but I decided to give it a try for FHE last night. There were a few people I knew, including the very sweet Bob. Bob has been in the ward for awhile. And he is very nice. But I just knew I wasn't interested.

I could see him creeper lovin' me out of the corner of my eye during opening exercises. So I didn't say hi like I normally would have. After a night of caroling at the nursing home, he swooped down on me in the parking lot to get my number. There was nothing to do except give it to him. He said he wanted to call and talk with me because I'm interesting to talk to. Which I'd have to agree with (I've recently decided I'm a mix between Eliza R. Snow, Jonathan Swift, and Ernest Hemingway, but I digress).

No less than an hour later, he calls for a date. I said I was busy.... I'll potentially be busy... ugh... I still feel horrible. But I just didn't want a repeat of my night with Ping. I'm all for giving every guy a chance. But if you already know there's no chance, why threaten their church activity? Right?
Maybe I should have said yes, and maybe I'm a jerk. But Bob is notorious for getting the wrong idea after one date. He's a little different you see. My married friend who used to be in the ward said it was good I said no. But I still feel horrid. :0/

Yours truly,
the Romantic

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