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3/02/2010 bekah 3 Comments

Dear Readers,

This is an update concerning my unfortunate encounter at the grocery store last week.

Being the serious couple that we were, I had still some of my ex-boyfriend's things that he was refusing to pick up. And as much as I wanted to burn everything, I didn't. I kept it, hoping a mutual friend would eventually take it to him. After that horrific run-in at Macey's, I mentioned that he should come by and pick up his stuff. It wouldn't be a big deal. I didn't even have to be home. He muttered something in the affirmative, but I never expected him to show up.

But alas, another awkward encounter was to occur.

Some couple's have a song; my ex and I had a movie: Pride and Prejudice (I would of course choose that movie). I couldn't watch that movie for SIX MONTHS. The bitter pain and anguish was far too much for me to bear (sorry if I wax a little Marianne Dashwood from time to time. It's just my nature). But I've gotten through it, and was in fact snuggled up on the couch watching aforementioned movie with the man I am currently "involved" with (I am, at present, all about not labeling things, such as one's relationship in the Provo dating scene). And what do I hear but a knock at the door!

Not wanting to leave my current comfy position, I yell, "Come in!" oh what a mistake that was. In pops the little devil's head, looking quite hobbity (if that's a word) in all his hippie glory.
He asked for his movie back. I said sure, and hopped up to get it. In the living room was left my ex and Sweater Guy (my nick name for the new guy I've decided. He tends to wear sweaters a lot, the weather being what it is in Provo. I am a fan; a big fan). I don't know what was said exactly, but I'm pretty sure my ex commented on the movie....

yes, that's right you scum of the earth. I watch Pride and Prejudice with someone else now. Are you jealous? I hurriedly returned his movie to him. We bid good night and that was that. Pray to the dating powers that be, that I will never have to run into that nasty bloke ever again.

Revenge is especially delightful when unplanned.

-The Romantic

This(please see photo above) is sooooo much better than this:
Whatever was I thinking?

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Anonymous said...

easy there. words have more power than you probably realize - even blogged words. you're starting to sound less funny and more bitter/horrible. there's a high road in every situation, you might think about taking it?

Camille said...

mmm i love me some j.crew
and screw the commenter before.

Anonymous said...

I felt kind horrible about the comment before. I don't mean to come off snarky at all. But it's satire for goodness sakes! and ps. my ex cheated on me. which i failed to mention. so yes, i think that at times, i have the right to feel bitter. just a little bit