The Confirmation

3/09/2010 bekah 2 Comments

So the lovely little Asian man knocks on my door to confirm. I feel bad because he seemed so nervous. So you can imagine this whole conversation with his thick accent and me holding my laughter in at the ridiculousness of the entire situation.

Him: So how you wanna do this? You want to meet on campus or somefing(i'm sorry, that's rude. i can't help myself)?

Me: Whatever works for you is fine. I'll be coming home at three.

Him: oh, so you'll already be home? hmm, well i need to think about this. I'll be done at five, but i don't know if i should stay on campus. But this is a date, so i guess i should come home and shower, maybe put some gel in my hair... (i am not kidding, that last sentence is word for word a direct quote).

Me: Oh well, it doesn't matter to me. Whatever works best for you.

Him: ok we'll meet in the Talmage building at 6:40. That will give us five minutes to walk over to the WILK.

Me: ok

Him: and you wear that skirt i like, you know the one you wore on Sunday.


Me: um no

Him: why? it looks so nice. with all the colors. so blended so nice together.

Me: no.

Him: why not?

Me: it's cold outside.

Him: you wore it on Sunday!

Me: yeah, but i wasn't walking up to campus then.

Him: ok

I really had to concentrate on holding in my laughter until he left. And then i collapsed on my roomie's bedroom floor.

Tomorrow night should provide some great blogging material.

-The Romantic

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pcnerdy said...

Wow he's still single? NO WAY! :)

I can't believe he told you what to wear...

Melissa said...

I just literally laughed out loud in the computer lab in the SWKT. This blog is a gem, keep up the good work!